FAQ 2017-04-02T22:45:54-04:00


Life is full of questions. Let’s answer some.

What about my kids? 2017-04-02T22:48:04-04:00

We want your kids to love church. That’s why we’re committed to creating a safe and fun environment where your children are taught about the Bible and the love of Jesus through relevant, age-appropriate kids’ services. We offer Sunday services for children from birth to fifth grade.

Will I be singled out? 2017-04-02T22:46:51-04:00

Absolutely not. You are our guest! Each week, people just like you are checking out our services for the first time. We want to provide the best experience possible. So feel free to come anonymous.

What should I wear? 2017-04-02T22:47:45-04:00

There is no dress code. Whether you prefer shorts and flip-flops or a suit and tie, our goal is to provide the most comfortable environment possible so that you can enjoy church. God is more concerned about your heart than with what you wear.

What is your music like? 2017-04-02T22:46:14-04:00

We sing songs that connect with our current generation. Our versatile band plays a variety of high-energy songs that are sure to resonate with everyone.

How long are your services? 2017-04-02T22:45:22-04:00

Our services are 75 minutes long.